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Our Our Truth!!!

Our Own Leaders...

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Our goal is to create multiple safe spaces initially within America for those who consider themselves Afrikan-Americans, of Afrikan descent (ADOS, Moor, Native American, etc...) or a part of the Afrikan diaspora. A "Nation within a Nation" with power to determine and dictate our future and destiny is our motivation, focus and goal and we're 100% committed.

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Everything we do is about bringing our people together to find the right people. If we're to survive America and not become a permanent underclass, on a global scale, we must mobilize, organize and build. All of our events are an effort to accomplish these goals. There is much work to be done and we're 100% focused on completing all of it.

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No nation can exist without competent, capable and committed leadership. Most importantly, no nation can exist without leadership that has a clear understanding of what's needed and that has the support of the people they've been elected to lead. This nation of ours can and will be no different.

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As we try to make clear with every event, there is much we need to do to not only protect ourselves from the larger, dominant culture, but to also better prepare ourselves for a future worth living. This cannot happen without involvedcommitted  and organized people.

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