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Our 2022 Inauguration Speakers & Presenters

Bis. Mbiyu Chui

Baba Mbiyu Chui is currently the Pastor of the historic Shrines of the Black Madonna #1 of the Pan African Orthodox Christian Church.   Ordained as a minister at the age of 18, he has pastored churches in both Atlanta, Georgia, and Houston, Texas before returning to his hometown, Detroit.  Pastor Chui serves the Detroit community in many capacities including: Mentor, Teacher, Community Organizer, Lecturer, Master Storyteller, just to name a few.  In addition to his pastorate, he also serves as Manager of Counseling & Instruction for Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit’s premiere Flip-The-Script Program ( a youth diversonary program for 18 – 39 yrs.); and operates one of the most influential Prison Ministry’s in Michigan, serving hundreds of inmates and their families in over a dozen MDOC Facilities for the past twenty years.


Under his leadership, in cooperation with the Michigan Department of Corrections, Pastor Chui established the Youth Deterrent Program in 2011, which serves as an effective therapeutic intervention for adolescents designed to address the school-to-prison pipeline in urban areas across the country.  As Director of the Pan African Ministries (PAOCC) he travels across West Africa (Burkina Faso, Benin, Ghana, Liberia, Togo, Nigeria) spreading the gospel of good news and building churches. In January, 2011 he opened a church in Monrovia, Liberia, and in 2012 two additional churches in Ganta City, Liberia.  In 2019, a new PAOCC cadre was established in Lagos, Nigeria.  Pastor Chui just completed work on a documentary film entitled: “The Black Missionary” in conjunction with the National Swedish TV, which tells the story of Liberia, as she continues to recover from 15 years of civil war, and the evolution of the PAOCC in Liberia.

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Craig B.Lee
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A native of Shreveport, LA, where he currently resides, Craig Lee is an alumnus of Xavier University in New Orleans, LA, where he earned a BS degree with honors in Marketing and Economics in 1989.  Upon graduation, Craig earned over 25 career offers from corporate America and various federal agencies.


During his corporate career, Craig worked for three (3) of the largest Fortune 500 & Global 500 corporations in the world:  Navistar International, BellSouth Advertising & Publishing and Astra Pharmaceuticals.  In 1993, Craig obtained his Series 6 and 63 securities licenses, and began working as a Municipal Bond Broker for McGlaughlin, Piven & Vogel Securities in Atlanta, GA.


In 1995, Craig left corporate America to begin his transition into his life’s purpose. For the past 24 years, Craig has established himself as a visionary Cultra-Social Entrepreneur, Cultra-Social Engineer, Black Empowerment Advocate and Corporate Grassroots Revolutionary.  Craig is the CEO of Creole Soul Louisiana Meat Pies; Chairperson of GET UP, Inc. – Generating Empowerment to Transform Under-served People; Vice Chairperson of NICE – National Institute for Community Empowerment; Chairperson of PAID – Political Advocates for Independent Democracy; Empowerment Coach, Financial Advisor, Public Policy Lobbyist, 21ST Century Freedom Fighter, public speaker, philosopher, musician, writer, spoken word artist and dominologist.  


Craig is the living embodiment of the classic Bob Marley song, 


“Get Up, Stand Up, Stand Up For Your Rights.”


He is a ADVOCATE for the POOR and DISENFRANCHISED, and is dedicated to EMPOWERING the MINDS of GRASSROOTS PEOPLE throughout the WORLD – especially the YOUTH, for he strongly believes:


“Youth are like diamonds in the ruff; they must be CULTIVATED & REFINED if elder eyes desire to ‘C’ them SHINE.”


The Nubian Wise Man

Dr. Shelley McIntosh

Dr. Shelley McIntosh is a passionate and committed educator for over 35 years. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies and Elementary Education, a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction/Elementary Education, and a Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction/Teacher Education from the University of Houston. She is certified as a teacher in both Texas and Michigan. In addition, she is a Michigan certified school administrator. She holds certifications as a State of Michigan (Statewide System of Support) English Language Arts Coach and as a Direct Instruction trainer.


Dr. Shelley "Monifa" McIntosh is a passionate and committed educator for over 35 years. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies and Elementary Education, a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction/Elementary Education, and a Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction/Teacher Education from the University of Houston. She is certified as a teacher in both Texas and Michigan. In addition, she is a Michigan certified school administrator. She holds certifications as a State of Michigan (Statewide System of Support) English Language Arts Coach and as a Direct Instruction trainer.


Dr. Shelley McIntosh specializes in literacy and leadership. Services include providing schools with reading intervention, teacher training and teacher placement. She shares her experiences as an author in several books; "Genesis II: The Re-Creation of Black People," "Mtoto House: Vision to Victory - Raising African American Children Communally," "A Principal's Tale: Life in 31 Days," "A Principal's Tale: A Self-Determined Leader" and "Memoir of a Black Christian Nationalist: Seeds of Liberation."


Dr. Shelley's professional experience includes being a Teacher, National Youth Coordinator, University Supervisor of Student Teachers, Director of Field Experiences, Assistant Professor and an Elementary School Principal. "Education chose me," says Dr. Shelley.

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Michael Fleming
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20 plus years as a management consultant, capacity building, and community development specialist in the United States and around the world (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, South Africa, Canada).  Federal government contracting consultant and trainer since 2015.  Six Sigma Black Belt-Georgia Tech.  Founder of Kingstreets ( and the United Community Care Alliances.  Previous regional tech, enterprise solutions manager for Bellsouth and Ceridian.  United States Air Force veteran and electronics instructor.

Michael Fleming is a creative, seasoned, results-oriented executive who is regarded as a specialist in the analysis, assessment, strategic planning, vision mapping, forecasting and


implementation of business and work systems.  He is dedicated and committed to delivering success and profitability.  From chairmen to CEOs; CEOs to workers; workers to clients; and clients to customers, Michael provides solutions, services, programs and projects that “meet people and organizations at their needs and challenges”.  He designs systems and process that cover the gamut from vision, concept, deployment, delivery, and implementation to follow up and process improvement.


Michael’s “lead by vision” style and his proprietary vision mapping tools and systems allow him to streamline anyone’s business model in real and immediate time.  His vision mapping process has been used in classrooms and board rooms around the world.  Michael does not hesitate to share and teach his process and how to use it at all levels within an organization.  Michael is a comprehensive thinker, who is always in pursuit of ways to be more effective and productive both for his clients and himself. Delivery is his ultimate focus.  He has an unyielding desire to help clients maintain their market share and enhance their competitive advantage.​


With a focus on strategic solutions analysis to further business goals, Michael’s knowledge management and enterprise solutions background provides him the ability to travel deep into the complexity and minutia of any organization while developing business models that are able to connect the organizational paths together, thus creating a business road map. His career experience encompasses providing end to end solutions; developing work-life balance tools; training and facilitation; organizational development; investments; executive coaching and advisement; people development; program development; project management; board facilitation; entrepreneurship; change management; and relationship building.​


The diversity of his experience enables him to address organizational challenges including but not limited to employee performance; development of a clear, concise vision; contract acquisition; efficiency models; productivity; profit margins; organizational cost; project delivery; program delivery; business decision-making; and market decisions.​


A strong leader who inspires confidence and trust in others, Michael motivates clients’ staff to perform at high levels to consistently meet project and organizational expectations.  He is a talented problem-solver with a depth of experience driving successful start-up and turnaround operations, domestically and abroad.  His strategic and tactical skills equip him with the fortitude…strategically analyze existing situations to create solutions that result in significant reductions in overhead, turnover and liabilities while maximizing human capital.  Michael possesses an unsurpassed level of integrity with a passion for providing assistance and support at all levels.​


Often joining projects that are already in progress and in trouble, Michael is instrumental in redirecting them to their intended goal.  Utilizing his vision mapping process, everyone involved is able to see the needs and identify the proper resources and individuals to make the necessary adjustments.  His approach allows organizations to fully engage in the assessment and rating of their performance.  Solutions are immediately realized and incorporated into the day to day operations.  Michael’s reputation of bottom-line orientation and delivery of comprehensive solutions has helped businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and leaders meet their objectives.  ​


Michael is best known for his development and delivery of his Vision Quest workshop series which allows businesses and individuals to better understand their current situations as they dissect their core components in search of productivity, time and revenue culprits.  Vision Quest Michael has developed unique solutions that provide immediate….  His customized sets of ongoing organized functions and structures are established to accomplish the desired goals and vision.


He focuses on the basics as well as the complexities of business and work.  His approach addresses common issues that organizations face, such as leadership development, staff training, crisis management, organizational improvement, teambuilding, complacency, productivity, and turnover.  Michael emphasizes the importance of incorporating systems and processes that address the incremental components of business.  He instructs organizations on defining contingency plans that address the accomplishment of deliverables in the event they experience unforeseen circumstances.

Tamani Mwandani

Tamani A.M. Mwandani is the cultural, social, political and revolutionary product of the Shrines of the Black Madonna of the Pan-African Orthodox Christian Church. While his introduction to Black history and consciousness began while serving in the US Army at the ripe old age of 18 where he served as an Administrative Specialist in the Operations Department of a Light Infantry Unit (1st Battalion, 27th Infantry), Tamani’s maturity into what most would label “the Black struggle” continued in the Shrine under the direct tutelage of Cardinal Mbiyu Chui and the indirect guidance and direction of the 1st Holy Patriarch, Jaramogi Abebe Agyeman (Rev. Albert Cleage), the “Father of Liberation Theology” and the Founder of the Shrines of the Black Madonna.    

After an Honorable Discharge from the Army in Oct of 1992, Tamani made the easy decision to relocate to Houston, TX at the behest and encouragement of one of his Army buddies in November. He joined the Shrines of the Black Madonna on the very next day. It was in the Shrine that Mr. Mwandani gained a full and more complete understanding of not only what it means to be Black in America, but what must occur if survival in America, as a people, is to ever become a reality. It was as a member of the Shrine that Tamani learned more about the true evils and effects American slavery has had on the Black psyche, but also, and more importantly, how to deal with and counter those effects. As a member of the Shrines of the Black Madonna, Tamani has served as a Missionary, Adult & Youth Group Leader, College Cadre Group Leader & Coordinator and Regional Community Outreach Coordinator as well as being trained for leadership in both the clergy and defense of the Black community.

A serial entrepreneur by nature, Tamani has been involved in a number of ventures on local, regional, national and international scales. He has served in the capacity of CEO, CIO, COO, VP & Sen. VP positions of multiple enterprises. Currently, Mr. Mwandani oversees the management and growth of multiple ventures; principally, he’s the Founder & Chairman of Mosiah Global Investments, an international private equity investment firm focusing 100% of its energy and efforts on Black owned and/or Inner city Directed/Developed Business Enterprises. Tamani’s is also the President & CEO of Clearly Written Solutions, a Technical & Business Communications, Website and Logo Development and Social Media Management company.

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