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Community Agricultural Development Division Candidates


Allah Merciful

Bro. Allah Merciful is a Bee Farmer. He’s studied agriculture for 8 years, plotting and strategizing regenerative soil technology to promote soil biology and irrigation systems for sustainable health and floral decoration. 

Bro. Merciful has trained pollinators to work in rural and urban settings to stimulate vegetation and abundant flower growth. He says that working with bees can prolong vegetation growing periods and add up to 40 % more crops in cases of less sq ft. density and acreage..

Bro. Allah's Resume Forthcoming

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Experienced farmer, educator, and master gardener with a passion for agriculture and
teaching pursues Agricultural Education. (BA)

Day-to-Day development and management of farm operations; Curriculum Development, Land Conservation and Regenerative Practices; Pasture Rotation planning; Composting; Predation prevention plans; Experienced Humane Poultry Processing, Extensive knowledge of various gardening and bed preparation methods; Integrated Pest Management (IPM) applications including managing symbiosis with
the animals and soil testing as appropriate; Construction of the farms’ small to mid-sized mobile livestock facilities and garden structures; Skilled in the use of; Mid-sized Tractor, ATV, Electrical fencing, Lawn Mower, Hand and small power tools; Flame Weeders, Weed whackers, Walk-behind tillers, and other Garden and Farm equipment; Educational Event Planning; Academic Tutoring; Intermediate Spanish
language proficiency Microsoft Office

Sis. Tomia's Resume Forthcoming

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