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Why A Conference & Exhibit?

For 350+ years (some estimate 375-400+years), ships sailed from the coasts of Afrika with our kidnapped Ancestors in their hulls to multiple ports in North America, South America, and the Caribbean. The horrific journey aside, what followed upon reaching these shores was a level of spiritual, psychological, and physical torture unlike anything ever known to mankind before or since. The extent of the dehumanizing, demoralizing and debilitating brutality of those in control created a non-people who are still, 400+ years later, suffering from trauma that was forced upon them, but seeking to know who and what they are. . 

What happened during this time period laid a foundation for the creation of the world’s current super-powers. 

What happens NOW, in 2022 moving forward, determines if we, the descendants of those who chose life during this period of complete hell on earth, will ever be able to push back, compete with and rival the above powers with a power of our own that can protect, develop and build up Melanated people of Afrikan Descent.

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JOIN THE BLACK GOLD NATION Friday, February 24th to Sunday, February 26th as we discuss the horrific and terrifying evils of the transatlantic slave trade, key myths surrounding our enslaved experience and, of course, HOW we begin healing from this trauma to build a nation within many nations!

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