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Community Development Division Candidates


Chivas Watson

My name is Chivas Watson. I’m a professional trained in leadership roles, with experience and success in operations, sales, communications, public broadcasting, meeting facilitation, recruiting/staffing experience, graphic design, procurements, legal work, as well as community efforts and municipal relations. Recently, I’ve successfully executed high-volume projects for operations involving major clients and over 300 employees. Assisting in daily operations, I’m involved in finances, employee relations, procurement relations management, inventory control, underwriting, and marketing to optimize revenue streams for clients. After assessing my availability and overall capacity, I’m seeking to be a justified candidate for The Black Gold Nation’s political and community platform.

Bro. Chivas' Resume

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Lenairis Turner

Born in Jacksonville NC, Aug 16 1983; raised in Charlotte NC since the age of 2. The son of a preacher. My father's family was a gospel singing family, we produced a gospel album which I was featured on around the age of eight. My entire family embraced singing but that wasn’t the path gifted to me. My adolescent years was filled with family choir practice, track and football practice. I remember having teachers always seeming intrigued by my mind but their attempts to help guide me towards scholastic purists were futile; due to my preaching fathers lack of living the importance of scholarship himself.

Bro. Lenairis' Bio

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