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CONTRIBUTE in the BUILDING of a Black Nation NOW!!!

The Black community is one with a very long history and presence here in America, from the very beginnings of slavery through present day. However, the immense struggles of racism, discrimination, poverty, and lack of access to resources have caused great harm negating our forward progress. An answer is for Black people to have better control and ownership over their current reality and future endeavors. In this way, the community will become strong. 

To address this goal, the Black Gold Nation, in collaboration with Mr. Lloyd Ford of Creative Group Economics (, 

Mr. Robert Harding of Aquaponics 4 Life ( ), and Mr. Dewayne Evans of The Dwenninmen Foundation have joined forces to both empower and rebuild Black communities. Our current project is two-fold: to eliminate the presence of food deserts in Urban America and to address chronic unemployment and homelessness of veterans in our neighborhoods. 

The MAIN goal is for Black people to become self-sufficient. That self-sufficiency comes with having the ability to feed ourselves with fresh and health-producing foods. Our approaches included designing and building Aquaponics greenhouses (soil-less growing of plants), and development of commercial algae & hemp (once legalized) production on 600 acres of fertile farm land in Texas. We seek to duplicate the success of a current algae and hemp facility in South Carolina. 

We must ALSO be able to train and employ our veterans via the manufacturing and production of hemp, medical marijuana, aquaponics and organic algae. This opportunity is the first step in addressing community unemployment and homelessness. 

For this project, the Black Gold Nation is seeking $9,375.00 in financial support for two representatives to travel for five (5) days, to meet with an algae and hemp producer in South Carolina to solidify the project details (introduction/meetings, land and manufacturing tours, inspection and assessment, and legal paperwork production and signing). The funds would cover travel, accommodations, food, attorney and partnership fees. 

The Breakdown



Room & Board  

Rental Car  



Attorney Fees       

Partnership Fees







Dec 18th - 22nd (Kayak)
@ 75 Per Night (LaQuinta Inn)
1 Week (Budget Car Rental)
@$15 per meal x 3 meals a day x 2
National Avg. @ $2.46 (Gas Buddy)



(SC University)

To contribute to this historic effort to help REBUILD Black Communities, please visit our fundraising page here and help us take the next critical step to ensure the next generation of Black leadership has something with value and power and that they can build upon and hand down to the generations that follow.

Projected travel dates are December 18th to December 22nd; however, we’re trying to get them there as soon as possible. 

For more information, contact us at  281-965-6884 or via email @

Get Involved!!!

Only WE Can Build A Nation for Our Children!

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