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The Logo

The Meaning of the Black Gold Nation logo.

The African Continent represents our home and the fact that we must be connected to it because she's always relevant.

The 50 gold stars represent those Black people that live in all 50 states of this country.

The dark black to light brown stripes represent the multiple shades of color of Black people.

The white stripes represent two things; 1) Those white allies we've had since we've been here that have helped us make it this far and 2) A reminder, to ALL non-Black people, that America would NOT BE AMERICA without those multiple shades of Black people surrounding those white stripes.

The term "Black Gold" pertains to the melanin in our skin; that which gives us our color and the priceless value and overall worth of this chemical substance that helps to make us who we are.

The phrase "Our History is Our Truth" is a reminder that NOTHING associated with this logo is based on fallacy, fantasy or hyperbole. EVERYTHING associated with this logo is because our HISTORY demands that the way we’ve gone about creating and making change for the betterment of our lives in America HAS NOT WORKED and a new path, IN EVERY CATEGORY, must be created and forged.

Download a Copy of the Introduction to the book, "Black Gold Devalued".

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