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Our National Leadership Biographies


No Nation can stand without capable and committed leadership. The Black Gold Nation is no different. To accomplish our goal of building a national leadership body that serves to protect the melanated population of America, we made history in July of 2018 by having the first national Black leadership election.  For almost a year we campaigned to identify, vet, nominate, and vote for Black people who, based on their expertise, experience, and demonstrated commitment and love for our people, would serve in a leadership capacity.

Fd Fabu 2.jpg

SistaFabu, a graduate of University of Houston’s Graduate College of Social Work, lives in Houston, Texas and is the mother of one son, Rashaad Johnson, three grandsons, Darrien Johnson, Rashaad Johnson, Jr. and Royal Amin Johnson and one granddaughter, RaZiyah Johnson.  SistaFabu retired as a Human Resource Professional after 30 years with Enron Corp. and returned to her first love—working in her community as a Keeper of the Culture.

As Executive Director of UempowerU, Inc. (UeU), a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization committed to responding to the needs of the Greater Houston community, SistaFabu is dedicated to inspiring and empowering some of the most vulnerable, marginalized, neglected and misunderstood women in our society to live their optimal life and to interact with the community through proper re-socialization.  

Through the UeU program, Women of the Red Tent, using a wholistic approach, Fabu works with previously incarcerated women who are transitioning back into their communities.  The goal of the program is to increase public safety, reduce recidivism and help female inmates transition back into their communities better than they were before incarceration.  The Mindfulness Cognitive Behavior, strength based, gender-specific training program is a disruptive innovation to the way intervention and treatment is usually administered with women because it meets women where they are as they begin their wholistic, re-entry journey to becoming healthy, productive members in their community and society.

As a graduate of South Houston Bible Institute in Clear Lake, Texas where she majored in Biblical Instruction and Faith-based Counseling, Fabu facilitates both young adult and adult group personal development workshops.  These workshops specialize in enhancement disciplines that promote sustainable self-sufficiency.

Fabu’s dedication to her purpose is grounded in her belief in the oneness of life with respect for the integrity and wholeness of a person.  Her values in support of this purpose emphasize: spiritual life and family values, compassionate care, unconditional acceptance of those served, and reverence for the cultural diversity and dignity of each person.

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This Flint, Michigan native is on a mission to create a new educational reality for Afrikan people. By integrating metaphysical science and cultural-historical psychology, she has designed several new ways of educating Black youth.


After graduating from Clark Atlanta University, she began teaching at Saint Frances Academy in Baltimore, MD. Shortly after, she received an invitation to study at Howard University’s Department of Human Development and Psychoeducational Studies. J’Nefer has worked at several institutions in the Baltimore-DC area such as Chelsea School, Baltimore City Community College, Johns Hopkins University and Washington Middle School for Girls. J’Nefer worked as a School Psychologist for DCPS, until leaving the system in 2017.


She now practices privately as a Psychospiritual Practitioner of Traditional African Sciences, helping children & families to foster healthy, holistic development. As an African-Centered psychologist & educator, she places indigenous theoretical and philosophical ideas AT THE CENTER of education for children of Afrikan descent.


She is a proponent of Afrikan-Centered community schooling, and solid family culture. She uses a cultural framework utilizing commonalities between various cultures of traditional African peoples, to serve as the basis of unity.


“The school system operates exactly how it was designed-- It’s function is to snatch the minds of every child who walks through their doors by using ritual and spell-work. It’s all in mind. Eurocentric ideology (of psychology and education) has placed us into a position of dysfunction. It does not serve the system to facilitate proper human development in Melanated people. Nobody else can, will, or should ‘save’ us because WE have the power to transform our own social, economic and emotional outcomes. With that being said, let the regeneration begin.”

J’Nefer is the Executive Director of ReGeneration180, but her most crucial role is that of a supportive wife and dedicated mother of three. J’Nefer and her husband David are co-founders of OmoOwo, a culturally-centered, educational game company.

Jennifer C. Higgins, M.Ed

Listen to Sis. J'Nefer's Podcast "180".

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Sis. Jennifer
Tarrow Henderson


As the lead of the BGN Health and Nutrition Committee, I am passionate about ensuring Afrikan descendants are aware of the importance and value of holistic proactive healthcare.

Tarrow Henderson, PharmD, a native Houstonian and mother of two scholar athletes. I am a proud graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana College of Pharmacy. I've spent most of my professional career in the medical affairs and training arena of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, attending amateur athletic events, and connecting with Afrikan descendants in my community.

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Craig Lee.jpg


native of Shreveport, LA, where he currently resides, Craig Lee is an alumnus of Xavier University in New Orleans, LA, where he earned a BS degree with honors in Marketing and Economics in 1989. Upon graduation, Craig earned over 25 career offers from corporate America and various federal agencies.

During his corporate career, Craig worked for three (3) of the largest Fortune 500 & Global 500 corporations in the world: Navistar International, BellSouth Advertising & Publishing and Astra Pharmaceuticals. In 1993, Craig obtained his Series 6 and 63 securities licenses, and began working as a Municipal Bond Broker for McGlaughlin, Piven & Vogel Securities in Atlanta, GA.

In 1995, Craig left corporate America to begin his transition into his life’s purpose. For the past 24 years, Craig has established himself as a visionary Cultra-Social Entrepreneur, Cultra-Social Engineer, Black Empowerment Advocate and Corporate Grassroots Revolutionary. Craig is the CEO of Creole Soul Louisiana Meat Pies; Chairperson of GET UP, Inc. – Generating Empowerment to Transform Under-served People; Vice Chairperson of NICE – National Institute for Community Empowerment; Chairperson of PAID – Political Advocates for Independent Democracy; Empowerment Coach, Financial Advisor, Public Policy Lobbyist, 21ST Century Freedom Fighter, public speaker, philosopher, musician, writer, spoken word artist and dominologist.

Craig is the living embodiment of the classic Bob Marley song,

“Get Up, Stand Up, Stand Up For Your Rights”.

He is a ADVOCATE for the POOR and DISENFRANCHISED, and is dedicated to EMPOWERING the MINDS of GRASSROOTS PEOPLE throughout the WORLD – especially the YOUTH, for he strongly believes:

“Youth are like diamonds in the ruff; they must be CULTIVATED & REFINED if elder eyes desire to ‘C’ them SHINE.”

The Nubian Wise Man

Listen to Bro. Craig's Podcast "The Revolutionary Code".

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Craig Lee


A devoted Houston native received a B.B.A in management information systems at Prairie View A&M University. Currently working as an IT Manager, he assures customer satisfaction and is passionate about community and economic growth of others.

Lloyd is a technically skilled, educated professional that brings progressive and practical knowledge in Information Technology.  As a proactive team player with proven leadership skills, Lloyd has the ability to develop and inspire others through his leadership and dedication.

In his spare time, serving the community by feeding the homeless, and have volunteered for programs such as Meals on Wheels. Through his countless efforts and persistent drive, Lloyd believes in promoting positive community and economic growth in the Houston community for all.

“There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance next time.”

Listen to Bro. Lloyd's Podcast "Our Black Slate.

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Lloyd Ford.jpg
Lloyd Ford
Cary Junior 3.jpeg


Cary Junior, general manager of SEMPA (SouthEast Michigan Producers Association), a rural farmer cooperative for farmers of color, is creating a local food system to get good food into food insecure areas in Detroit. They are creating jobs, supporting farmers, creating a connection with young urban farmers and rural farmers between Detroit and Ann Arbor.

Mr. Junior is a Founder and General Manager of SEMPA. The organization was established to assist small rural African American/Underserved producers outside of Detroit in collaborating to build their capacities and provide fresh produce in the food insecure areas in the City. The group began with seven (7) farmers, with the potential of incorporating 25 farms with over 1,000 acres in the Detroit region. SEMPA coordinates training, marketing, and processes necessary to develop a local food system.

As the Economic Development Official in Royal Oak Charter Township, Michigan, Cary has championed issues to empower the most vulnerable population and founded the Royal Town Farmer’s Market to promote healthy eating and entrepreneurship through vending. Through these efforts he investigated produce sources for the farmer’s market and discovered the needs of the rural farmers. This led his desire to serve as a Food Hub Consultant with the Michigan State University (MSU) Center for Regional Food Systems to research the development of food hubs throughout the state. In addition, he serves as Council member of the Michigan Food and Farming Systems (MIFFS) – an organization established to support underserved farmers in Michigan.

Cary has been actively promoting SEMPA’s efforts around the country through presentations at food and farming conferences. His objective is to bring awareness to the obtaining food sovereignty to our most vulnerable populations with local food systems. He holds degrees from Morehouse College (BS), The University of Michigan (MSE), and Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business (Exec Ed). 

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Cary Junior


Entrepreneur, Position Trader, & Start-up investor. Extensive entrepreneurial experience, Substantial startup experience, strong group communicator, ability to drive “out-of-box” thinking. Early crypto-currency enthusiast and expert. 

Electrician, auto mechanic, and web developer with over 25 years of experience working in IT, transportation, education, semiconductor, hardware and sales in both private and nonprofit sectors. Strong leadership, analytical and time management abilities.

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Harlan Robinson.jpg
Harlan Robinson
The Fav.JPG


Tamani A.M. Mwandani is the spiritual, sociopolitical and revolutionary product of the Shrines of the Black Madonna of the Pan-African Orthodox Christian Church. While his introduction to Black history and consciousness began while serving in the US Army at the ripe old age of 18 where he served as an Administrative Specialist in the Operations Department of a Light Infantry Unit (1st Battalion, 27th Infantry), Tamani’s maturity into what most would label “the Black struggle” continued in the Shrine under the direct tutelage of Cardinal Mbiyu Chui and the indirect guidance and direction of the 1st Holy Patriarch, Jaramogi Abebe Agyeman (Rev. Albert Cleage), the “Father of Liberation Theology” and the Founder of the Shrines of the Black Madonna.    

After an Honorable Discharge from the Army in Oct of 1992, Tamani made the easy decision to relocate to Houston, TX at the behest and encouragement of one of his Army buddies in November. He joined the Shrines of the Black Madonna on the very next day. It was in the Shrine that Mr. Mwandani gained a full and more complete understanding of not only what it means to be Black in America, but what must occur if survival in America, as a people, is to ever become a reality. It was as a member of the Shrine that Tamani learned more about the true evils and effects American slavery has had on the Black psyche, but also, and more importantly, how to deal with and counter those effects. As a member of the Shrines of the Black Madonna, Tamani has served as a Missionary, Adult & Youth Group Leader, College Cadre Group Leader & Coordinator and Regional Community Outreach Coordinator as well as being trained for leadership in both the clergy and defense of the Black community.

A serial entrepreneur by nature, Tamani has been involved in a number of ventures on local, regional, national and international scales. He has served in the capacity of CEO, CIO, COO, VP & Sen. VP positions of multiple enterprises. Currently, Mr. Mwandani oversees the management and growth of multiple ventures; principally, he’s the Founder & Chairman of Mosiah Global Investments, an international private equity investment firm focusing 100% of its energy and efforts on Black owned and/or Inner city Directed/Developed Business Enterprises. Tamani’s is also the President & CEO of Clearly Written Solutions, a Technical & Business Communications, Website and Logo Development and Social Media Management company.

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Tamani Mwandani
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