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Get Involved

Our eyes and ears on the ground, a "Black Gold Ambassador is our connection to the community. From fundraising/donation efforts, to community leadership identification to local business opportunities, the Black Gold Ambassador is where it all begins.

Black Gold Membership is the driving force behind all that we seek to accomplish and build. Membership not only allows you access to several areas within the Nation, but also allows you to narrow your focus and contributions (be they time, finances or cognitive) to the areas nearest and dearest to your heart.

Place your monetary support where your heart and motivations run deepest. Choose the area/department that motivates you most and sponsor it to ensure its inital and long term success. Find the area(s) that matter most to you OR simply donate and we'll ensure each department gets a piece.


There is no greater contribution than one's time. As there is much to be accomplished, any time once can give will be greatly appreciated. From an hour a week to 2-3 hours a day, on any given day of the week, just let us know what you have and we'll put you to work to make this movement successful, purposeful and permanent. 

Our goals are magnanimous! We're building a nationa within a nation with power to ensure the safety, well-being, survival, uplift and advancement of America's African-American populations. Every penny counts and will be accepted with excitement, humility and gratitude.

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