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How It Works

As one of the principle tenets of our mission, we intend to identify, nominate, vet, elect and support a national leadership body who's sole purpose and intent will be to make certain the safety, overall health, management, growth and viability of America's Inner Cities by way of its African-American population. Following is how we intend to accomplish these tasks.


Familiarize yourself with the various departments in need of leadership and nominate someone you know who could serve in a leadership capacity and/or review the other nominees to learn more about these community leaders.


On June 29th, 2018, we will have the 1st national election of Black Leadership (that has nothing to do with political office) across multiple categories (most of which has never been addressed as a unified group) in the history of this country. This act is not only historic in its existence, but monumental in its pending impact. Your participation is the most important element in this equation.

Voting will be done online. The actual platform to be used is still being researched. Registration to vote can be done by signing up for our FREE newsletter.


This venture is no good with your participation and activity. There are many things one can do to support this movement from becoming a Black Gold Ambassador to making a contribution to becoming a Black Gold Nation Member. Either way, get in where you fit in and let's get to the really serious work of building this nation.

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