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Information Technology Department Candidates


Nathan Bridges

In 1998 I started my IT career and I’ve come a long way in my IT journey. My first computer experience was “breaking” my sister-in-laws Windows 95 desktop PC. In my first IT career in Houston Texas, I managed a mixed network environment of NOVELL 4.11, Windows NT and Windows 2000 for a IT training company. I also deployed and managed Windows server, Linux, Windows 3.11, Windows 95 and MS-DOS 6.22.


With over 20+ years of experience in IT, I currently work for Dell Technologies as a Sr. Technical Design Engineer. I work with many small, medium and large customers from various industries designing deployment solutions for Windows 11/10 modernization, WaaS, SCCM, Microsoft Endpoint Manager / Intune, Workspace One cloud device management and more. I’m a geek in general and specialize in MDM, ConfigMgr, Azure / Intune cloud management, OS deployment, and other IT management solutions.


I’m also a certified USCCA firearms instructor with classes I teach for “Fundamentals of Defensive Carbine”, “Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals”, shoot and move training and regularly participate in USPSA practical shoot and move matches.

Bro. Nate was born and raised in St Louis, MO, but currently resides in Houston, TX. He's ALSO the IT Instructor for Tyehimba, the Black Gold Nation's youth program.

Nathan Bridges' Resume

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