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Business Development (International) Division Candidates


Louis Emerson Guild

Bro. Louis Guild’s objective is to participate in positive endeavors to assist Belizeans in overcoming disenfranchisement, building respect for each other, strengthening family-based confidence, promoting dignity and entrepreneurship evidenced in responsible stewardship of the Belizean patrimony that ensures sustainability for future generations. He’s been extremely active in all areas of community development in his native Belize and works daily to move our collective Black needed forward.

Bro. Louis' Resume

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Sentwali Olushola (Andrew Gaston)

Sentwali Olushola is a knowledgeable, multi-faceted, small business owner, and humanitarian from Houston, Texas. As a skilled Le Cordon Bleu trained culinary professional, Bro. Sentwali operated a successful catering operation from 2006 to 2019. Andrew, along with his business partner established “A5 Redevelopment” in 2016. The company has acquired land in two Texas cities and begun to develop in Houston. Currently residing in Arusha, Tanzania since 2020, Bro. Sentwali established “Prodigy International”. In 2021 the company successfully completed its first humanitarian project followed by another project completed in January 2022, both geared towards elevating the general quality of life by upgrading infrastructure and creating jobs with economic development initiatives. With both projects, Bro. Sentwali has overseen the expenditure of more than ten thousand U.S. dollars in seven months.

Bro. Sentwali's Resume

Bro. Sentwali's Cover Letter, Bio & Receipts

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