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Leadership Criteria & Commitment Understanding


Black Gold Nation Membership

Acting in the capacity of national leadership requires membership in the Black Gold Nation. One simply cannot lead if one doesn't know what they're apart of and how leadership pertains to the overall mission. Seeing the BGN introduction presentation "The League of Extraordinary Minds" is the 1st step to qualifying for leadership, on any level, in the Black Gold Nation. The 1st part of this presentation can be seen by clicking here.

Black Gold National Leadership Election Inauguration 

From Thursday, October 27th to Sunday, October 30th, the Black Gold Nation will be hosting its FIRST National Leadership Election Inauguration in Houston, TX. YOUR participation as NEWLY ELECTED LEADERSHIP, NEW CABINET MEMBER of a National Department or Division and/or both (IF you're running for more than one area) is PARAMOUNT. At this HISTORIC EVENT is where we will have the 1st opportunity to MEET with one another, STRATEGICE with one another, LEARN from one another and BUILD TOGETHER!!! 

IF you're planning to run for a National Office in the Black Gold Nation, you MUST make EVERY EFFORT to attend this event

Overall Willingness & Capacity to Commit Non-Monetarily Compensated Time & Energy
Although payment to our national leadership directors is a part of our overall program, we haven’t reached this goal as of the creation of this document. We are looking for persons who have the skills, expertise and desire to help heal, organize, educate and train our people per the BGN vision, mission and message in whatever time capacity they have available to offer. One MUST POSSESS an undying love and commitment to Black people to be leadership in this organization.

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Department/Division Time Commitment

The BGN mission is to own and/or control municipalities, via the establishment of strong communities and institutional power, that serve to empower, free and advance the spirit, mind and body of Black people. This mission cannot be accomplished in 1-2 hours per week, but we’re not expecting any one person to realistically commit 40+ hours per week although we would readily accept such levels of availability and commitment. As a national leadership, the time you’re expected to commitment are whatever’s possible to ensure your department/division is productively moving BGN forward. We fully understand that some will be able to give more than others. It’s not far-fetched to say that one will be expected to spend at least 4-5 hours a week on the forward progress of one’s department/division.

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Program Attendance Time Commitment

Each candidate is expected to attend all Leadership Council invited events (online and/or off line) unless prevented from doing so by an emergency.  It is mandatory that each department head take part in/attend these Black Gold Events: Leadership Orientation Conference Call, Black Gold Live Stream Interview, Black Gold Election Debates/Discussions & The Black Gold Election Inauguration (October 2022).


Outstanding Leadership & Potential

Candidates must have demonstrated leadership ability as evidenced by their achievement in positions of significant responsibility and leadership at work and/or in the community.  These positions must be exceptional for the participant’s age and a pattern should exist which would indicate that his/her initiative and acceptance of responsibility will continue throughout life.


Candidates should have demonstrated the highest personal, professional and public standards and ethics and proven their worthiness of the community’s trust.

Professional Stature

Candidates will be evaluated based on their excellence in or contributions made to their professional, occupational or community area/field of choice.

Commitment to the Community Beyond the Profession

Candidates should have demonstrated excellence in leadership beyond their professional or occupational field in the area of which they’d like to represent the Black Gold Nation. Candidates should have the energy and stamina to sustain them in a demanding public leadership role for up to four (4)) years. Their personal actions and objectives should reflect a concern for the future of the inner-city community in general and the larger Black community in particular as well as an appreciation of the rights and responsibilities of a citizen of the larger Afrikan diaspora.

Willingness to Learn & Change

Each candidate should be willing to challenge their own assumptions and increase their understanding and awareness of the position and perspective of others who happen to share expertise in the area of which the candidate is seeking office.

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