Wellness Department


As kidnapped, subjugated and oppressed people who have been physically, psychologically and spiritually molested, raped and abused, we need counseling. Every Black person in America has been affected by the over 3,000 years of relentless and repeated anti-Black/Afrikan acts since our arrival to this country...and even before that. The National Wellness Department will ensure we have the processes and programs we need to reverse the programming forced upon us so that we can become a people again. 

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The Chief Consultant

Fabu Modupe


Department Candidates


Mental Health

Physical Health

Spiritual Health

Division Candidates

Mental Health

Anthony Farrow

More About Bro. Anthony

Dr. Unati Makiwane

More About Dr. Unati

Larry Rencher

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Sanford McMurray

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J. Denise Fuller

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