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Politics: "Our Black Slate"

The Black Gold Nation's mission is to own and/or control municipalities, via the establishment of strong communities and institutional power, that serve to empower, free and advance the spirit, mind and body of Melanated, Black people. To accomplish our mission we must understand the levers that control the communities that we live in and how to make sustainable change and not fall for temporary solutions by examining actions from the past.

Our Grassroots Strategy

Locally, we want to bring the Black community trusted political candidates to vote for that hold our best interest at heart; candidates who are dedicated to the Black community and transforming the system for the benefit of our future. By having our own slate of candidates, "Our Black Slate", we'll put our communities in a position to better control the day to day aspects of our lives which has the potential to make a world of difference for Black people nationwide.

Learn more about "Our Black Slate".

Our Black Agenda

"Our Black Agenda: A Guide to Black Power" was written to clearly explain to anyone with interest who wields power locally and, more importantly, how to get it for ourselves. Without a fundamental and clear understanding of how political power works, we will never obtain it. 

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