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About The Author

Tamani A.M. Mwandani is the sociopolitical, religious and revolutionary product of the Shrines of the Black Madonna of the Pan-African Orthodox Christian Church. While his introduction to Black history and consciousness began while serving in the US Army at the ripe old age of 18 where he served as an Administrative Specialist in the Operations Department of a Light Infantry Unit (1st Battalion, 27th Infantry), Tamani’s maturity into what most would label “the Black struggle” continued in the Shrine under the direct tutelage of Cardinal Mbiyu Chui and the indirect guidance and direction of the 1st Holy Patriarch, Jaramogi Abebe Agyeman (Rev. Albert Cleage), the “Father of Liberation Theology”.


Following the lead of two of his four older brothers, Tamani entered the US Army seeking a break from the monotony of High School. This decision, unbeknownst to him at the time of course, completely changed his young worldview. Coming from a place where hearing “Nigger” yelled from car windows by passersby wasn’t uncommon, Tamani’s brief four year “career” in the Army provided him insight into an environment where the vast majority of soldiers shared his idealistic perspective of the equality of all Americans. It was in the US Army that Tamani learned the importance and immense value of trust, comradery, shared responsibility and true brotherhood. After four years of active duty and deployments to Hawaii, Thailand, Guam, Wake, and the Philippines, Tamani left the military as one of the fastest soldiers to reach the rack of E4/Specialist in his unit, an Expert Marksmanship Badge, the Armed Forces Service Medal and countless other rewards and accolades.

50% of ALL PROFITS from the sale of the book, as well as all Black Gold branded products (coming soon), are invested in Mosiah Global Investments, a Private Equity Investment Fund focused exclusively on Black Owned Enterprises.

After an Honorable Discharge from the Army in Oct of 1992, Tamani made the easy decision to relocate to Houston, TX at the behest and encouragement of one of his Army buddies in November. He joined the Shrines of the Black Madonna on the very next day. It was in the Shrine that Mr. Mwandani gained a full and more complete understanding of not only what it means to be Black in America, but what must occur if survival in America, as a people, is to ever become a reality. It was as a member of the Shrine that Tamani learned more about the true evils and effects American slavery has had on the Black psyche, but also, and more importantly, how to deal with and counter those effects. As a member of the Shrines of the Black Madonna, Tamani has served as a Missionary, Adult & Youth Group Leader, College Cadre Group Leader & Coordinator and Regional Community Outreach Coordinator as well as being trained for leadership in both the clergy and defense of the Black community.


A serial entrepreneur by nature, Tamani has been involved in a number of ventures on local, regional, national and international scales. He has served in the capacity of CEO, CIO, COO, VP & Sen. VP positions of multiple enterprises. Currently, Mr. Mwandani oversees the management and growth of multiple ventures; principally, he’s the Founder & Chairman of Mosiah Global Investments, an international private equity investment firm focusing 100% of its energy and efforts on Black owned and/or Inner city Directed/Developed Business Enterprises. Tamani’s is also the President & CEO of Clearly Written Solutions, a Technical & Business Communications, Website and Logo Development and Social Media Management company.

The youngest of Five Boys, Tamani’s childhood, while financially challenging, was overly abundant and rich with love, concern and true community spirit. Tamani credits his mother with his ability to forgive, his step-father with his desire to succeed and his four older brothers with his overwhelming drive to overcome any challenge and/or obstacle he’s faced with.


“Black Gold Devalued” is Tamani Mwandani’s attempt to shed light on a seriously overlooked issue in American society/culture of how Black people have been treated in the United States. This treatment hasn’t happened just once, twice, over a dozen years or even decades, but for well over 2,000 years (when compiled per each aggrieved action). America has initiated, perpetuated, nurtured, managed, matured, grown and expanded over 2,000 years of perpetual, systematic, & deliberate physical, spiritual and psychological terrorism and oppression of black people…and that treatment has affected us in a major way. More importantly, regardless of how true this statement is, it’s not on America to solve this problem that she created, but on Black people and Black people alone to fix. It is the author’s sincerest attempt that this book will be a stepping stone in the process toward total and complete liberation and salvation for all affected minds, spirits, souls and energies worldwide.

Download the Introduction to the Book

50% of ALL PROFITS from the sale of the book, as well as all Black Gold branded products (coming soon), are invested in Mosiah Global Investments, a Private Equity Investment Fund focused exclusively on Black Owned Enterprises.

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