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The Vision & Mission

The Black Gold Vision

To create physically safe communities for Black People in America whereby we can better determine our future by 100% controlling our environment.

The Black Gold Mission

To own and/or control municipalities, via the establishment of strong communities and institutional power, that serve to empower, free and advance the spirit, mind and body of Melanated, Black people. Understanding that power resides in institutions and not individuals and that power is never given, but always taken, and that power only respects power, we prepare ourselves for spiritual, mental and physical confrontation and conflict to obtain, maintain, expand upon and keep community, institutional, political and spiritual power.

The Pathway


  1. To Create a "Nation within a Nation" with Influence, Value & Power!

  2. To Identify, Nominate and Elect National Leadership to Aid, Support, Educate, Train & Represent the Larger Black Community...and to train the NEXT generation of leaders to do the same.

  3. To Create a Central Revenue Generating Vehicle that Supports, Creates and Invests in the Black Community regardless of its geographic location.

  4. To Create Safe Havens of Physical & Spiritual Peace, Financial & Economic Prosperity and Black Excellence Productivity.

  5. Protect Our Children, Women, Brothers & Communities of Today as we Prepare the Next Generation of Black Leaders and Producers for Tomorrow.

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